02 May

Unsubscribe from everything

I recently moved my email from Gmail to Outlook.com. It’s not a small deal. I needed to get all my friends and family to update their contact info for me, and I’ve had to update my contact info on countless sites. As part this move I also started unsubscribing to pretty much anything that came into my Gmail account, but not signing up to receive those emails in my Outlook.com account.

Unsubscribe All the Things

The results have been wonderful. After about 2 weeks, I now only receive 1-2 emails a day, mostly from people I want to get emails from. I don’t really know how many emails I was receiving before, but I can tell you it’s really refreshing to be receiving so few.

I’ve added a reminder to my calendar for next year to spend a week or two unsubscribing from all the junk that builds up as I try out various new services. You should do the same.

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