06 Jan

New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Here’s my list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2014:

Blog More

Historically, I only wrote technical posts whenever I came across something really novel and wasn’t so specific that I didn’t think anyone else can use it.  This year I’m going to loosen my standards for a technical blog posts.  That means there should be more posts, but some of them might just be a different spin on things that others have covered, or things that are really specific and may not be as useful to a broad audience.

Find more ways to share knowledge

For most of last year I shared an office with a very green developer.  Helping him learn the ropes has also been a great learning experience for myself.  Having to explain some concepts I take for granted to a beginner stretched me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be stretched.  I’d like to explore other ways to share what I have learned.  I have already volunteered to do a short talk on T4 at my local users group (after the main talk), hopefully I’ll be invited back after that.  I’m also going to keep a lookout local volunteer opportunities for things like Hour of Code


I’ve worked with and met a lot of great people, but many of them I haven’t spoken with in years.  My goal is to reach out to someone twice  a week either through email or phone.

Personal Stuff

I also have a few resolutions on a more personal level:

Go to bed earlier – I’m an early riser by nature, and every thing in life is easier when I’m well rested

Lose weight – It’s the cliche New Year’s resolution I know, but I lost a bunch of weight before my youngest son was born last April and have packed on the pounds since then.  I make bad food related decision when I’m tired and a new baby isn’t anything if it isn’t tiring.  I’d like to lose 40 pounds and keep it off for good.  No crazy diet here, more of a lifestyle change.  Just eating a little less and working out a little more.  I should be able to lose all of that weight by the end of 2014.


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