13 Jan

New Years Resolutions 2014 – Retrospective

It’s time for my annual resolutions blog post, but first I wanted to do a little retrospective to see how I did on last year’s resolutions.

Blog More – I did blogged more, but not as much as I had hoped.  Posts were still less than once per month.

Find more ways to share knowledge – My talk at my local user group went well enough that I submitted and gave talks at the June Boston Code Camp, the Vermont Code Camp, and November Boston Code Camp.  I really enjoyed it, and I’m definitely going to continue.  I tried submitting talks to some bigger conferences but was not accepted.  I’ll keep trying.

X Networking – I got off to a good start, checking in with some people I hadn’t spoken to in a while to see what they were up to, but I didn’t continue it and I didn’t really do anything to expand my network aside from chatting with some people at the code camps.

 Going to Bed Earlier – I mostly nailed this one.

X Lose weight – I did shed 5 pounds, and if I didn’t change anything I think I’d lose another 5 this next year.

So I was 3 for 5 last year.  I would list the year as a success overall.  I made progress, and I’m still heading in the right direction.

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